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Meet Cheryl

My background is in psychiatric nursing. I worked in acute care with adults and adolescents. Now retired.

Life circumstances had me moving about the country for a couple of years before I decided to settle on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia

I studied and became a Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT Practitioner through Marisa Peer in London, England.

I went on to  hypnotherapy through the UofT in Ontario. I then studied trauma and Narcissistic abuse and became a Certified Somatic Trauma Informed Coach. Certified with International Association of Counsellors and Therapists, I am a Creator and an Author. I'm passionate about helping people..

I am looking forward to putting my experience, skills and expertise  into your healing journey. Whether that be with RTT, traditional hypnotherapy, the self help "Learn Go Grow Program or through the narcissistic trauma abuse coaching sessions. If you are not sure what would be right for you, please e-mail and we can set up a call to collaborate and come up with a good fit just for you. This call is free.

What my clients are saying... 

 Cheryl was able to help me feel comfortable right away with personal feelings and relationship struggles that I had been dealing with  for decades. 

I was instantly at ease with her warm smile and friendly yet professional way of guiding me through the obstacles that surfaced both in and out of hypnosis. 

It's been months since our session and I haven't fallen back into the same old relationship patterns and I believe that I never will. I feel strong, confident and independent. As a result, I attract and am attracted to a better quality of people.

Others have commented on the positive change they see in my entire being.


Thank you Cheryl

Love D. 


The session with Cheryl changed completely how I saw my responses to stress, and changed the way that I reacted.

Before the session my stress management was not that great, I had a lot of ups and downs, challenges would throw me off easily.


Cheryl was so kind, and warm, I really felt like she was there for me, guiding me, supporting me.She made me feel safe to open up to her and she did an amazing job helping me change my reaction to stress.

I would recommend her to absolutely everyone that battles emotional challenges. She really was the light I needed to see. She showed me the way and led me to self healing.

Thank you, amazing Cheryl, you will forever hold a place in my heart.


M. Visinescu MD


Stressed Woman
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